The following games and puzzles all have Peggy's fingerprints on them. She was involved in various stages of their creation: Invention, Product Development, Design, Writing Content, Writing Rules, Writing Package and Ad Copy, Art Direction, Product Naming, Manufacturing Specifications and Direction, and/or Manufacturing Domestically or Offshore. There are products where she starts with thin air at concept level and handles every step of product development through to delivering containers of finished goods, there are games where she simply names them and writes their rules and slug copy, and there are others where she researches, writes and vets thousands of questions. In every case, she seriously considers every decision, provides a visionary voice in all aspects as they evolve together, lends her personality to the kids and families who will eventually play with them, and never forgets to put a little magic and a lot of fun in every box. You can find Peggy's product inventions all over the world, in big box stores and mom & pop shops, wherever games and toys are sold.

Below Peggy's portfolio is organized into various product categories. Scroll down from here to see them all:                                      GAMES      LICENSED GAMES      CARD GAMES     and     PUZZLES.