Simple Shades are fresh, fun and funky lampshades made from flat sheets of translucent plastic that roll up and snap together without fasteners. Ever go to the drive-through at night and get hypnotized by the glowing burgers on the menu board? Simple Shades are made of the same material as that back-lit menu, so whatever gets printed on them glows with delicious mouthwateringly juicy color. Select from lots of designs, and in the not-too-distant future, you'll even be able to print your own images on Simple Shades. Change your shades for holidays, birthday parties, seasons, special events, and whenever you feel like it. Print Simple Shades with images of your kids, pets, vacation, team, selfies, and Instagrams. Print Simple Shades with your kids' artwork or make art of your own. Match your upholstery or linens... you'll make a home fashion statement!

Peggy patented this invention, 3D printed prototypes of the molded parts that hold the shades onto standard lamps, and debuted Simple Shades at the International Home and Housewares Show, where she was presented with the Inventor Award for Most Innovative Product by officials of the US Patent and Trademark Office and executives of TV shopping network QVC.

Right now you can select from a few dozen different print designs on Simple Shades, but soon you'll be able to upload your own imagery and customize them like crazy!

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